Two versions of wine-staging installed at once?

I need to use an older windows application that stopped working after wine-staging-5.0rc4-1-x86_64. For that, I’ve been keeping wine-staging at that version on my Manjaro system. However, it would be nice to have the latest wine-staging for other purposes. Is there a simple way to have two wine-staging versions concurrently installed, with two different names?

You could install wine-staging-git from the AUR, but that would put you on the bleeding edge of WINE. The better option is to manually install the older version of WINE into /opt, and give it a new name. Then, update the normal package to the latest version.

Is that as simple as just copying the old wine-staging executable into /opt under a new name? Asking because there seem to be multiple wine-related executables… wine64, wine64-preloader, wineboot and a bunch of others.

Just noticed, that was 2 years ago. Also you are saying it was deprecated in rc4, not rc1. Are you sure WINE dropped support and it wasn’t just a bug in that release candidate?

yes wine-staging dropped support (wine never had it). The issue is that this patch:

disabled the user32-rawinput-keyboard patchset. It has never been added back.

My apologies, last night I gave a bit of an automatic response since most programs you can do that. WINE is extremely complicated, but it is still doable. Here are some resources I found:

Have you tried using playonlinux? It is a WINE version manager available on the AUR.