Two Nautilus-Files Niggles

Have two issues with Nautilus am hoping someone can help with or tell me they are impossible to achieve:

  1. I like to have Files open in all Workspaces. Right now the only way to do this (which am aware of) is to open it up and select ‘Always on Visible Workspace’ via a right-click pull-down menu which I do every time after a reboot. I would like to automate it to happen after every reboot. Is this possible?

  2. Is there a way for Nautilus-Files to see when a file was created? And by created I mean when it was created for the first time, not when it was moved into a new Directory ten years later? Maybe am confused, but I seem to recall other File Managers being able to do this but now, after having recently re-arranged many folders etc., they display the create date as the recent date when I did all that reshuffling. Am wondering if there is a trick somewhere to resolving this, or maybe am asking for the impossible? Or maybe there is a different File Manager that can do this?

PS. I recently installed a new Extension called ‘Workspace Indicator by Open Apps’. It shows the icons of any application currently open, grouped in workspace clusters, rather than little boxes or dots. It also shows an application open in all workspaces (like Files once option discussed above is enabled) in a separate section entitled ‘ALL’. Visually elegant and informative. Recommend it as default extension in later Manjaro editions.

Attached picture of my lower Panel with ALL, 1 and 2 sections (have very little open right now after recent kernal update and reboot) of this Extension.