Two issues with WPS Office - Compatible fonts not linked to commonly-specified families and bad integration with dark theme

Hi folks,

I’m experiencing two issues with WPS Office (version, AUR package) running on my laptop with Manjaro KDE. The first one refers to the lack of linking between compatible fonts (e.g., Liberation serif) with those “traditional” (e.g., Times New Roman). I cannot find commonly-specified fonts, only those compatible (which turns WPS unusable since strange fonts are displayed). The same is also valid for Carlito and Caladea, which are used as replacements for Cambria and Calibri, respectively. I already read the Arch wiki about font configuration as well as updated the fontconfig cache (fc-cache -vfs), but it did not work. Conversely, in FreeOffice this integration (replacement) of fonts works like a charm. Does anyone know how to fix it on WPS?
The second issue is a well-known problem related to visual glitches when a dark theme (I’m using Breath2dark) is adopted in KDE Plasma. I followed all steps in the Arch Wiki for WPS (e.g., -stile=gtk+), but without success. Interesting that the same version of WPS runs well on Linux Mint set with a dark theme. Any new idea to solve this annoying issue?


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Did you also install the ttf-wps-fonts package from the AUR? I use that and on my Cinnamon desktop WPS runs fine. In any package you will sometimes find fonts that I personally think are not such a great replacement.

If you have access to the MS ttf fonts, there are 2 packages in the AUR that will help you install them: ttf-ms-fonts and ttf-ms-win10. Have a look at how they work. If i recall correctly you need the MS fonts in a local directory and point to them in the package file before trying to install. Because copyrights :frowning:

As for the KDE issues, sorry, can’t help since I don’t use KDE myself.

Many thanks for your reply. I think that the issue with these fonts in WPS started following an update to the package. When I noticed that MS fonts were missing, I installed the following AUR packages: ttf-ms-fonts, ttf-vista-fonts and ttf-tahoma. This procedure fixed the problem on WPS, but some fonts such as Calibri, Tahoma, Cambria are badly rendering (at low zoom, mainly) in a diversity of applications (e.g., Chrome, FreeOffice, etc), which is a critical drawback. Even a workaround did not solve the rendering issue ( So, I removed these packages containing MS fonts to restore the previous resolution, and now only WPS looks weird.
I already have installed the ttf-wps-fonts to correctly display equations and those fonts are available within WPS. I also reinstalled the package ttf-liberation (where MS-compatible fonts are found), but no luck. Looks like something is “break” between WPS and fontconfig as related to the association of compatible fonts and those “originals”. The ttf-ms-win10 package requires a Windows partition mounted, which is not the case for me, unfortunately.

AUR packages sometimes need to be rebuild after a system update, since they get build/installed against the libraries that are on your system when the AUR package gets installed.

Maybe that pamac reinstall wps-office works for you.

The quoted command returned “Error: target not found: wps-office-”. In the GUI of pamac I submitted a build of this AUR package (i do not know if this procedure has the same effect compared with your command). However, fonts remain not recognized in WPS. I also uninstalled the AUR package and tried the flatpack: the issue is still there :roll_eyes:

Looks like a previous config of WPS persists in a fresh install. Is there a safe way to remove all old files from WPS before reinstalling the pkg?