Two Grub Menus on Startup

If I start up my linux, I see grub two times. (See images)
This come up right after boot (left seems to be EFI, right /boot-partition):

The Menu is from rEFInd.

If I select the right entry, it starts linux immediately.
If I click the left button, it start the second Grub-Dialog:

Here are the Settings of this EDI-Menu (if you enter EDIT-MODE):

If I select Windows 10 in the 2nd Grub-Dialog, it throws an error during startup, which means that bootmgfw.efi wasn’t found:

To boot into Windows, I have to press ESC during REBOOT and choose the SSD-Drive from BIOS-Setting to boot from it. Then it works to start windows.

This are my patition tables:


  1. How can I get rid of one of the grub-dialogs to have at least just one
  2. How can I make the bootup of Windows work from Grub (instead of Bios > Bootmenu > Choose Device)

There is only one GRUB menu, but you have both GRUB and refind installed. Remove one of them.


Which does the same job as grub … maybe thats why you think there are “2 grub menues” ?

I have no idea why refind is mentioned so often.
There was a time in years back when refit or refind was really the only way to boot something other than macos on macs … but beyond that I really dont understand why its ever used (or talked about even).

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If you want to remove refind (first menu):

sudo rm -rf /boot/efi/EFI/refind

If you want to remove grub (second menu):

sudo rm -rf /boot/efi/EFI/Manjaro

But I greatly recommend to keep grub and get rid of refind (specially when you are not sure what are you doing)

About booting Windows, it seems that the Windows bootloader in the EFI partition is just the remainings of an old Windows instalation in that disk. You can remove this with:

sudo rm -rf /boot/efi/EFI/Microsoft/

And then update your grub menu with:

sudo update-grub

Your Windows installation in /dev/sdb is installed in BIOS mode. Unfortunately you can’t boot a BIOS installation from a UEFI grub, so you’ll have to keep booting Windows the same way. Only options are to reinstall Windows in UEFI mode or reinstall Manjaro in BIOS mode.

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Thanks for this information (especially the Windows-Bios vs UEFI Boot). Didn’t noticed that this difference exists.

@Aragorn @cscs I think I’ve installed refine as I was trying to get Windows into the grub-menu. But as @cfinnberg explained, it wouldn’t work at all this way, caused of the way windows was installed.

So I’ll remove refind and give it a try to see if anything work as expected.
Thanks for helping hands.