Two finger scrolling too fast in some windows

It works fine in most windows.
If I am in kde settings and appearance and decide to get a new global theme when the window pops up with the choices and I goto scroll the list with two fingers it goes so fast I end up skipping several choices in the list.
I have tried slowing the touch pad acceleration but that only seems to affect the mouse movement not the two fingers actions.

More detail needed… such as what windwos?

Wasn’t my post clear enough?
How else can I describe it?

In a X11 session the pointer speed is set in KDE by the Mouse settings

  • Settings > Input Devices > Mouse > Pointer speed

For Wayland it is set in Touchpad settings

  • Settings > Input Devices > Touchpad > Scrolling Speed

Tried that. As stated above that only seems to affect the single mouse movement not the using 2 fingers.

@MAYBL8 If I understand correctly it’s about Touchpad configuration. (theoretically you could mean touchscreen, but I doubt that)

Please have a look at the following first, especially the configuration part:

This one might be of interest for you.

VertScrollDelta and HorizScrollDelta
(integer) configures the speed of scrolling, it is a bit counter-intuitive because higher values produce greater precision and thus slower scrolling. Negative values cause natural scrolling like in macOS.

I do not have experience with changing the default config, because I prefer the faster speed over the slower Windows response. It’s also a matter of getting used to it.