Two config files locale.gen and locale.gen.pacnew

I have two config files locale.gen and locale.gen.pacnew in /etc.
Can I move the locale.gen.pacnew file to locale.gen ?

There hasn’t been any changes to /etc/locale.gen since last year.

Always compare the pacnew with the original, never blindly replace it. See pacman/Pacnew and Pacsave - ArchWiki

  1. Install meld as a comparison tool.
  2. Run meld without root to compare two different configs:
    $ meld admin:///etc/locale.gen admin:///etc/locale.gen.pacnew

I’m guessing you have a lot more then…

This will print them :

pacdiff -o

After every update:

DIFFPROG=meld pacdiff 

man pacdiff

Unless you have lots of different diffprogs to use in different places … maybe consider setting that environment variable somewheres. Big global would be /etc/environment, ex:


Aaaand … I also whipped up a patched pacdiff that adds a polkit-powered ‘edit’ option to pacdiff … its here for those that want to try it…

(just save the script and run normally (ex:… a new e option will be possible)

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