Two boot grub choices

After update there are option for “manjaro linux” and “advanced options for manjaro” like before and also there are new options “manjaro linux 20.1” and “advanced options for 20.1”
Two of them works great, but the second one not contains all of my installed kernels as the first choice have.
How do I delete the second one? And why it suddenly appeared?

Hi @TyphooNN
Did you check that in advanced options for 20.1 that you can boot with other kernels?
Maybe this is what you see.

I can guess you use or have used grub-customizer at some point?

I don’t think so, it’s the same on my system and I never touched grub customizer. It changed some weeks ago after an update. Personally, I don’t mind the extra entries.

So you have now two Manjaro entries after an update? What kernel do you use? And if you run os-prober does it show your Manjaro entry?

Never did this one.

Yes, two entries for / partition and Advanced options. I use 4.19 (and as backup 4.14).

[xxx@xxx ~]$ os-prober
unshare failed: Operation not permitted
rm: removing of '/var/lib/os-prober/labels' not possible: no permission

Actually with

sudo update-grub

I get all OS entries I need (and the two I don’t :rofl:)

But as I said, I don’t mind it, they don’t hurt.

Thanks. I identified some time ago that problem with kernel 4.19 and wrote about it here. I didn’t find the final reason for this behavior, though

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Thanks for the link and sharing your findings, indeed it seems to be linked to kernel 4.19 on my system too, as when I run update-grub from 4.14 the additional lines disappear. So, that’s what I will do after the next updates. :blush: