Twitch and youtube keep freezing with out a crash

twitch, youtube and other applications freeze visually after a while but don’t crash. whenever i exit full screen or minimise they start to work again. what could the problem be?

Without proper identification of your system, we can think to countless reasons why something can go wrong. Please see this how to give us that information

Also important: What browser are you using when this happens, have you tried another?

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as for the browers it happened in both chrome (i know i should switch but is have so many things still intergrated into it) and the twitch app itself. so far the problem doesn’t seem to happen outside of any video playback situations. at first i thought it was drill’s fault since that was the last app i installed before the problem started happening and it always happened while drill was running but a little while ago i happened without drill running so now i am not so sure. as for identification i use a r5 3600 and rtx2070 with manjaro kde but i am not so sure if that is what you where asking for since i am not that wel inclined with computers, i am happy to give you the identification you need if you would tell me what it is and where to find it.
thank you