Tuxedo Pulse 15 Laptop, Battery Overview missing

I did a fresh Manjaro install on my Laptop few month ago and after i overwrite my Home Folder from my laptop with the Backup Home Folder from my PC, the Batterie Overview vanished in the Taskbar, how can i restore/make it visible again?

When reinstalling a Tuxedo system your best bet is to use their service

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One more tip - there is several packages available for Tuxedo - both Manjaro repo and AUR. And a repo

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You may didn’t read my post… i had the Battery Bar in my Taskbar, already.
Its just vanished after im override my home folder… all your links doesn’t make any sense, because i just want to restore just this one element.

Im also installed without UEFI and WebFAI don’t work with that either. I don’t want to reinstall the full OS anyways, because i only have this missing Battery Overview.

I did read your post but it appeared to me you were referencing a Tuxedo app - not default KDE.

While Manjaro is available on a Tuxedo computer - there is very little chance forum members know how a Tuxedo specific application works and thus only generic comments can be provided.

KDE Plasma uses an app called powerdevil reachable from the system settings. The powerdevil package installs a .desktop in /etc/xdg/autostart.

I am running my systems on unstable branch and the KDE systems I experiment with shows the battery status icon as expected.

I am no KDE expert - have you checked under the arrow up in the task area?

Have you checked with the section Startup and Shutdown → Background Services?

Yesterday I messed so badly with my KDE configuration - I had no idea on how get back to defaults.

I went to the extreme to clear out any changes. I logged out - switched to tty - logged in as my user and use a terminal filemanager to remove almost every remnant of KDE and Plasma configs from .config and .local with the exception of the global shortcuts and the bar.

Click the Notification icon → Settings → Entries

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I found the solution when i rightclicked Taskbar>right side and under System Tray Settings>Entries: Hardware Control> “Battery and Brightness” and switched from disabled to shown.

Anyways thanks for your support.

Yup - that is the location I was referring to.

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