Tuxedo feedback

I was looking the Tuxedo notebook page and find interest in:

Tuxedo Book BA15 Gen10 and
Tuxedo Pulse 15 Gen 1

any one using this Hardware that may give feedback?

Hi @notageek,

thx for the interest in one of our upcoming Manjaro products. The BA15 Gen10 will be soon available with Manjaro pre-installed. Tuxedo will soon update their shop and add the Manjaro Edition soon.

From the hardware itself it is a solid laptop. I had it for couple of days for internal testing and adjusting the needed support from our end. All features of the device are supported by Manjaro. Currently @oberon uses it as his current development device and is happy with it. It has good fan control, long battery life, which can be extended by installing the Tuxedo-Tools and Auto-CPU-Freq from our repos. The first should be pre-installed by Tuxedo already.

I did some gaming on the BA15 back in March:

The Pulse15 is a similar device, only a little bigger in size and more powerful due to it’s newer Ryzen CPU and Vega graphics. Based on the feedback from Tuxedo, it is similar slick to BA15, as the same manufacturer is doing both devices.

Our team currently has not yet the device in hand, so a feedback from our end can’t be given yet. Due to the pandemic we have a slight delay getting the Manjaro edition ready for sales. Feel free to ping us as needed.


Hi @philm,

thanks for explanation regarding the Manjaro version and for taking time to share your feedback,
from the manufacture page seems the two machine share the same chassis, screen, battery, just the weight differ a bit probably because the Pulse 1 has two fans in instead of one of the BA 15

waiting for the Manjaro version then, hoping in the meantime the BA 15 may get the Ryzen 5 4000U series

Is a Manjaro version of the Pulse 15 still planned? Is it in progress? When I ask the support team of Tuxedo regarding this, they seemed not aware of it.