Turning off RAM LED's - any ideas?

Hi there.

When I had my machine built, I didn’t realise that the RAM I selected had LED’s built in. I am trying to find a way to switch them off, or at least prevent them from flashing while my machine is in sleep mode - it is particularly irritating at night.

Any suggestions to try would be appreciated, as my search has not yielded any effective results. I don’t have the ability to hibernate currently, unfortunately.

Ruziel :slight_smile:

i don’t want to be offensive, but have you ever thought about shutting down the computer at night ? That solves the problem AND saves energy ! You’re wasting energy for nothing so don’t cry about climate change. Sorry but this had to be said.

Our house runs 100% on solar senor :slight_smile:

No offense taken :slight_smile:

it’s still wasted energy, think about it.
I’m out now to prevent argue.

I wouldn’t say it’s wasted energy for me. I have reasons for wanting to keep my PC applications set up in the way that they are, at least during the week. 100% solar, grow our own veggies, single car family of 4. The carbon footprint of our household is low relative to most. I get your point though & where u coming from :vulcan_salute:t4:

How is energy in a battery that is charged by solar, wasted if used at night? I think one could argue that it is surplus energy & therefore using it is preventing wastage. Your point holds for non-renewable energy from our local grid but not in this case.

I am completely unsure about what you’re asking, we’d have to get more information about your computer.

I also want this, and have accomplished it. I use KDE, but I’m sure it can be done with other desktop environments as well.

I have set up “Window rules”, one for each window, to apply the settings initially, meaning they can change. And the best part? I shut down my PC at night, and when I log in in the morning, it starts up as it should. The same every day, regardless of how I changed it previously. That means it’s fresh and familiar at the same time.

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Couldn’t it be disabled from BIOS?
Alternatively, you could check if it is supported by openrgb: Supported Devices · Wiki · Adam Honse / OpenRGB · GitLab

Thank you both for your suggestions - I will check them out. I looked at the BIOS but will revisit.

Onward & upward meantime.

PS I am marking this as solved, as the suggestions provided will most probably work for most people. Thanks again…

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