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Hello, there is such a feature in Ubuntu, this is disabling and enabling geolocation in the privacy settings. I was looking for the same in kde manjaro and did not find it. The whole forum crawled out, also did not see the topic. Can anyone tell me how to disable and enable my geolocation in the system? Thank you

Turn it off in your browser.

If you are more specific in what app/menu it is, maybe ppl can compare on Manjaro to find it…
Most likely it is in same spot…

I also run KDE and there is no setting I’ve ever found to toggle geolocation on or off.

So it still turns out that you can’t turn it off in the system? The browser has to do with it if your location is known, for example, a yellow night scheme for the eyes, and who knows what else

Geoclue Demo Agent is the name of the app. It may be possible to block it by firewall or remove it, not sure what its dependencies are.



Ubuntu might have configured that for you - on Arch / Manjaro you’ll have to do that yourself.

If you can, look at the Ubuntu configuration - if I recall correctly, some sort of key was needed to access some service - and of course Manjaro will not provide that.

It’s called a geoclue demo agent … they figure out your approximate location based upon your IP.

It’s easy enough to register for a key …
But if you don’t travel a lot you can simply supply a GPS location so that the nightlight feature will adapt the screen at the right time.
That’s what I did.
(Xfce4 + redshift)

IP based location will not work anyway when you use VPN, for example - it’s part of the reason why you use a VPN … :sunglasses:

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Maybe Ubuntu sends your location to their servers but KDE Plasma does not. Like I said only the browser and apps that you install would do that. KDE has no control over those apps. KDE Software Privacy Policy - KDE Community

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