Turn lo off in NetworkManager

Recent changes to NetworkManager has enabled lo to become enabled to start when NetworkManager starts. I, however, would like to disable this feature. How would I go about doing that?

lo is a essential component and should not be disabled. It is always there. The recent change must be that you see it now.

To my knowledge, it didn’t used to be running automatically. Now it does. I mean, I can use sudo ip link set dev lo down to deactivate it every time I start NetworkManager, but I’d rather just not have it automatically running at all.

Yes it does, just not listed in GUI of NetworkManager. Let me guess? … you use KDE?

What is your goal? What is the benefit? I see no reason to disable it. Only for debugging purposes eventually.

Sorry, but I see no issue, just a user with less knowledge and think he/she is right.


No loopback device means no additional network devices, thus no network at all.


Still didn’t answer my question.

Please use the search function


Did, never found this. Thank you for your time and giving an actual answer.

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