TTY shortcut with Volume+Power button?

In the PostmarketOS version of Phosh they have a shortcut that gets you to TTY by holding and pressing the button three times. I found it quite handy. The virtual keyboard would even pop up in the window allowing you to type.

Does Manjaro Phosh have anything like this? I’d like to be able to enter and use the TTY without an external keyboard.

Why do you need a TTY when you have the terminal app?

It’s safer running updates in tty, and it allows one to use the terminal without even needing an external terminal program.

You won’t have a keyboard in that case. So a TTY is not useful, unless you connect a hardware keyboard.

So if I had to choose between having a terminal app installed or carrying a hardware keyboard, I’d choose the terminal application.

But that’s up to you. If you have a hardware keyboard, you can switch to TTY, like you would on a desktop, with CTRL+ALT+2 through 9.