Trying to use AMD Radeon HD 6570 as discreet GPU on Lenovo ThinkPad T430 via ExpressCard

I recently invested in an eGPU setup because I want to see if I can keep my old hardware running as my daily driver, as I’m emotionally invested in it. I figured things were doing well enough now on the graphics front that it’d be plug-and-play, but I’ve run into some issues I need some help diagnosing and solving.

I found egpu-switcher when I was doing some tinkering on Linux Mint, and it worked pretty well for me. I thought it’d work on Manjaro, too, since I don’t want to distro-hop away, but every time I’ve tried switching to the AMD card and reboot, lightdm doesn’t show up, and I have to switch to internal graphics and reboot on tty6, and using DRI-PRIME=1 [program-name] does nothing when I’m on internal graphics mode. I have vulkan-radeon, lib32-vulkan-radeon, mhwd-amdgpu, and xf86-video-amdgpu installed.

Should I use different drivers? And what system information do you need for troubleshooting? I don’t remember which commands I’m supposed to use, apologies, haha! Thanks in advance for your help.

I made a dmesg.log and put it in pastebin. Hope this helps!