Trying to update kernel. It installs but on reboot it is not running?

Update from 60 to 61 LTS.

I have successfully installed kernel Linux 6.1.12-1 but after a reboot im still on 60? Iv upgraded the kernel many times before without problems?
I cant remove the kernel im currently using, but I’m sure it normally switches to the new kernel after a reboot. Confused.

After install of 61 and a reboot :-

❱sudo mhwd-kernel -li
[sudo] password for greg:
Currently running: 6.0.19-4-MANJARO (linux60)
The following kernels are installed in your system:
* linux60
* linux61

reboot your computer and as if you were trying to enter the bios but instead of using f2 or delete , use the shift key . You will see manjaro advanced press enter and select your kernel

I have, see screenshot of my advanced kernel options in the pic above. I do not have the option for kernel 61

I figured it. I have multi boot partitions with multi distros. I had been tinkering with one of the other distros a couple of months ago and i had left the mbr pointing to another partition. My bad sorry :slight_smile:

I needed to:-

sudo grub-install /dev/sda
sudo update-grub

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