Trying to Switch from PostmarketOS to Manjaro

Greetings All,

Pinephone Beta Edition is the hardware I’m using.

Currently I have PostmarketOS v22.06.2 installed via their installer image to Emmc.

I thought I would try to install Manjaro via Balena Etcher onto the SD card to comparison contrast.

After putting the manjaro loaded SD card into the pinephone it appears to not read the SD card to boot first, and I’m just stuck with PostmarketOS.

How can I get Manjaro to load?

Sorry to be such a rookie.


Are you using uboot or towboot? towboot has an issue on the OG pinephone that prevents booting from an SD card if it has arch, manjaro, or postmarket on it.

If that’s the issue you’re running into, you’d have to remove towboot before you can boot from the SD card.