Trying to restart plasmashell after it crashes leads to could not connect to display and xcb not loading

plasmashell will launch fine if done so by the login screen after a reboot. but after using computer for a while and doing something that is computationally taxing, will crash plasmashell leading to a pointer on a black screen. going to tty2 and trying to launch plasmashell using “kstart5 plasmashell” or just using “plasmashell” will lead to a error about xcb not loading even though it was found but not initialized(i am typing on a spare computer, and i would just restart and continue work on the main but this has happened a few times now and am looking for a more permanent solution). i have enable qt debug plugins environment variable and this(will upload file put haiving issues)

went back to the main xorg page and it was working and i have no clue why it is fixed

Things to try for the next time from the other session via TTY

startplasma-x11 or startplasma-wayland

sudo service sddmrestart