Trying to make everything dark and transparent blur, but couldn't manage to do so

Hello, I’m new to GNU/Linux. So, I don’t know many basic things. I’m using Plasma DE. I tried to make everything dark by applying themes from global theme setting, then from application style, I tried to make everything transparent and blur. But these dark themes and transparency effects does not works for everything including softwares (like CodeBlocks). I also tried Kvantum Manager to make everything dark and transparent, but failed to make it happen. I also followed some YouTube videos, but some of the settings options were different from my version.

If anyone wants to help a noob like me, then it will be really appreciated.

Hello and welcome

is not a Qt5 application, hence will not follow the theme of the system. It uses their own theme engine AFAIK.
Try to follow this:

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The plasma theme applies for the environment itself (settings, Panels, etc.) and for KDEs own software (like Konsole, Kate and such). There is also a certain range of compatibility with other software KDE has no control over, but if you use a program by Gnome for example, you run into trouble and your theme won’t be applied there.

For that, there is a toggle in the settings menu → Appearance → Application Style → Configure Gnome/GTK Application style.

Packages you install via Flatpak are another story since the whole point of it is, that a developer only has to deploy for one distribution and Flatpak manages the rest for other distros and installs important dependencies (I might be mistaken here). So if you want a consistent look throughout your desktop, you have to install stuff like Kvantum or Spicetify (for Spotify themes).

This whole thing becomes a mess really fast, and I think people on r/unixporn who write their own themes for everything on their desktop are pretty underrated. :grin:

I don’t know why but Code::Blocks follows the Global Theme in my case.