Trying to install wayland, Have no clue on where to put stuff and how to access kernel command line

Hello everyone, I am trying to install wayland I have started to follow this link : [Howto] Use wayland with propietary nvidia drivers

The first thing it tells me is to add modesetting for nvidia drivers I try to follow the arch link and see that I have to add it as a Kernel parameter but I have no clue and or does step 4 already do it for me where it says go to /etc/default/grub is that all I need to do to add Kernel parameters?

* Enable modesetting for nvdia drivers. Follow the [instructions in the Arch wiki ]
* Add the modules `nvidia` , `nvidia_modeset` , `nvidia_uvm` and `nvidia_drm` to `/etc/mkinitcpio.conf` 
and run the command `sudo mkinitcpio -P`

* Add the kernel parameter `nvidia-drm.modeset=1` to `/etc/default/grub` and run the command `sudo update-grub`

and the mkinitcpio.conf file there is a models bit should I be adding all the stuff mention in step 4 like so
MODULES=“nvidia nvidia_modeset nvidia_uvm nvidia_drm” is this correct?

I apologize if Im doing something terrible I have been using linux for almost 2 years but I like to keep away from things that could break my system so I tend to stay way from things I dont understand, But I want to try wayland for fun, thank you.

Hello @Dragon20C :wink:

If this system is not important for work then have fun with it, but with current nvidia drivers you will not really have fun…


Thanks for the comment, When I do get wayland installed correctly I can go back to x11 without any issues right?

and nvidia-drm.modeset=1 does it matter where I put this command line in the grub file putting it some where in the top of the conf file should be fine?

It goes in the line about kernel command line. This is right in the Arch Wiki too.

I probably missed it, I was overwhelmed with so much information.

@anon59284200 Hello I cant seem to find any obvious place to place the command " nvidia-drm.modeset=1", in the grub file, can you assist me please

EDIT: I just figured it out looked through the arch wiki carefully and I understand now, thanks all for your help got it working!

see in /etc/default/grub
do not forget to apply after
sudo update-grub