Trying to install OALD8 on Manjaro

HI Guys, I hope everyone is okay and well.

I got the CD of OALD8, which is an oxford dictionary. So I remember that I did install it on Ubuntu with no problems. I think i made it work by opening the file ( or (oald8) in the terminal.

But now on Manjaro it dosen’t work, whenever I run it in terminal it says:

./oald8-bin: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

I think it needs this package:
By the way: some guides said that I should get the setup file and the Linux folder from the cd but i don’t find them at all, what I did is that I copied the entire cd files/folders and put them on the HD and run the oald8 file and it worked on Ubuntu.


Try to install pangox-compat and lib32-pangox-compat from AUR. Then try to run the file again.

Anyway, if it works by just copying the files to your hard drive, you can use it like that. No need to install.