Trying to get brother printer to work. drivers not listed on AUR

i have a BROTHER DCP-J1050DW. searching the AUR does not give me any drivers for this printer. i tried debtap, but i get an error for one of the drivers saying that “package dcpj1050dwpdrv-3.5.0-1-i686 does not have a valid architecture”

i am trying to use manjaro since the stable version has alot of updated stuff, and so far it’s great. i moved from debian based distros. and only been using linux for a year or two. is there a way to convert .deb packages in a way that it works for arch? or am i thinking wrong? or is there some sort of general purpose driver to use? what is CUPS? someone please help me out here

nevermind, i got it working!

for anyone else stuck on this… instructions for a network printer, wireless

install CUPS using your favorite package manager
go to localhost:631 on your browser to open the UI

click on administration tab

add printer

internet printing protocol (ipp)
for this setting, you might need to experiment, but this one just happened to work fine for me ^

find the private ip of your printer. for me, i logged into default gateway and it showed me what devices were connected. or you can do a command i am unfamiliar with.

for the option, put in ipp://local.printer.ip.whatever (in my case its ipp:// )

set name…
select make…
for model, select the “Ipp everywhere” for me it unlocks all functionality of my printer compared to the rest of the drivers which just limits it to greyscale only for some reason…

should work fine after that!

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