Trying to create a Steam player log through the terminal

The problem is that with what I’ve done with modding the game, the game goes not qualify it as needing to write a .log file, but it still crashes just the same.

Steam as far as I know does not have a tool you can set up in launch options to log where what went wrong, so is there a way I can launch steam (Or to be able to launch a game through proton) on the terminal so it can specifically write in the terminal what went wrong?

What are you trying to say here?

If the game itself doesn’t produce a log it is very unlikely that you can produce a relevant log with specific game error. However you can start Steam from terminal to show its log directly (or browse to the Steam log folder at ~/.local/share/Steam/logs/), and you can generate a Proton log by adding a startup parameter in the game properties on Steam PROTON_LOG=1 %command%

If the game I modified could create .log file for error, it choose not to, even after it doesn’t even launch the game after I try to start it.

I need to know the log of the game, not of just Steam. If this command can get the log of the game that Steam launches, I would love to know this command.

Edit: Of course there is time for the desktop to process all the code needed for the game to launch, except we can’t see that code when we launch it from Steam, but the computer still needs to read it and process it. I want to be able to read this specific code. So I need to launch through the terminal the game through steam so that then the terminal can attach itself to said specific game process so I can read what it’s like and what errors it runs into when it’s trying to launch.

If there is no such command, then how about this? How would you open a currently working process for a terminal to read and get information from? For instance like how you can inject cheat engine or code conqueror into a game so that it can read, and rewrite what hex values it can edit, but instead inject a terminal into a process only for it to read what tasks it is currently processing and save what it can into a log. Bonus points if you can start a game with this.

Setting konsole %command% in launch options only leaves me with:

ERROR: object '/home/ltn/.local/share/Steam/ubuntu12_32/' 
from LD_PRELOAD cannot be preloaded (wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS32): ignored.
pid 41903 != 41901, skipping destruction (fork without exec?)

Setting kate %command% does actualy leave me with an answer. A lot of it in code, but parts here and there are in English. And because of Kate’s limitations, a lot of said code wasn’t read

So I am searching for a program to insert into launch options that would be able to translate the code the game is putting out into English so I can have a proper log of what errors are going on and one that you can set the limitations of the amount written.