Try to create broadband PPPoE to connect adsl

Ok think i have adsl2+ modem connected to my PC in the modem config its sets to bridge connection when i want to connect from Manjaro i need bridge connection to it with pass and user how can i build the bridge connection like windows to connect
How to Set up a PPPoE connection on Windows 10 | NETVN - YouTube like this YouTube video build it on windows i am new to linux

You modem is working.
Your internet connection through it is working.
You want to change the way the modem is forwarding the connection to your PC.

How that is done has nothing to do with Manjaro
but everything with how to configure your modem
and what your ISP will allow you to do with it.

In any case:
the modem will handle the pppoe connection
your computer will never have anything to do with it

It’s just a matter how that connection is forwarded to your computer+
which currently is through a NAT network

You want to change that.
Manjaro has got zero to do with that.

Just find out what to do in order to do it - then do it.

It’s all done on the device / the D-Link N300 you have.