Truetype or subpixel font render active in Firefox,Chomium, Notepad


since the last update from beginning of november, the ugly (my opinion) truetype or subpixel render is active again.

I discovered the same issue 6 years ago after an update of freetype.
With the help of the community I was able to fix it:

nano → /etc/profile.d/
export FREETYPEPROPERTIES=“truetype:interpreter-version=35”

The solution does not work anymore.
It seems this time there was no update to freetype.
The font anti aliasing in the manjaro settings is deactivated.
The fonts in the manjaro settings manager is also rendered without the truetype/subpixel. Same for Libeoffice which looks fine.

The title bar of these 3 example tools is rendered correctly without truetype/subpixel. But the bookmark bar and the webpage content has this rendering active.

Does anything changed in manjaro on how the font rendering is handled?

Maybe someone can help me out.
Thanks in advance.



You are right, there was a typo in my documentation. But the config file was correct.

I was able to bring Chromium and NotePadqq back to normal.
I removed the QT5 font config file via QT-settings tool. After reapplying the xfce font settings both tools were back to pre-update look.

Only Firefox is still looking bad.


I was able to find the solution for Firefox on my own :slight_smile:
Because Firefox seems to ignore the Xfce settings or something, I edit the global one and this one is used by Firefox for Menu and web page rendering.
Firefox seems to ignore $HOME/.config/fontconfig/fonts.conf as well.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE fontconfig SYSTEM "fonts.dtd">
    <match target="font">
        <edit name="antialias" mode="assign">
        <edit name="hinting" mode="assign">
        <edit name="hintstyle" mode="assign">
        <edit name="rgba" mode="assign">
        <edit name="autohint" mode="assign">
        <edit name="lcdfilter" mode="assign">
        <edit name="dpi" mode="assign">

My fonts are crisp and without antialias again :heart_eyes:

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