TrueCrypt from repo vs. install from original install file?

I notice TrueCrypt in repository. If I install it that way, should I expect it to be in any way different from installing it “manually” from truecrypt-7.1a-setup-x64 ?

TIA, Tesar

Yes it is different - but not in the way you think - using the version from repo will spare you some trouble as the package is maintained upstream.

The version in the repo is installed by the package manager and as such it is updated with the system and you will be spared eventual ‘file exist in filesystem’ messages on updates.

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Hi and thanks for the response.
If not too much trouble: what exactly would cause that “file exist in filesystem” message?

I have been using the application in a number of distributions, always installing “manually” from the original file that has been in my physical possession a number of years.

I don’t know how this particular package behaves - what in installs or what it do.

If it is just unpacked into a folder in your home - you can use it - but if it installs files to system folders in the /usr tree then you may run into issues like those from this search