Troubles with setting up WOL

So I was on the Arch Wiki page with WOL set up and they said I can install wol-systemd to make this stuff automatic. The thing is that it is not working(or I didn’t understand it)
So I did sudo ethtool -s enp3s0 wol g and then I checked if it worked by putting pc to sleep and I tried to wake it from my phone (as I did always it on WIndows) but it didn’t do anything. Then I installed wol-systemd and typed sudo systemctl enable wol@enp3s0.service and sudo systemctl start wol@enp3s0.service and then checked it by sudo ethtool enp3s0 | grep Wake-on and it showed that Wake-on: g which is good but then again if I tried to wake it from sleep it didn’t do anything again.
Do I need to do something more, or did I messed up with something?
Also anytime I check stuff with ethtool it says: netlink error: No such file or directory, is this important?

I feel your pain, took me a while to have it working :sweat_smile:
Did you check the config on NetworkManager, like
nmcli c show "Wired_1" | grep 802-3-ethernet.wake-on-lan ?