Trouble with multi-monitor setup configuration

I have come across a couple other threads where people request help on very similar issues. As of yet, none of the discussions I have found have helped.

I am using Manjaro KDE 21.2.6. I have a AMD Ryzen 7 5800U, and Nvidia 3060 (mobile). Running on a Laptop.

I have connected two other screens (total 3 including laptop screen). They work fine on Windows and Pop!_OS. One connected via HDMI, the other via USB-C (display port adapter used).

Running xrandr -q shows only one screen Screen 0; eDP-1.
Running nvidia-settings does not show a Display tab, as suggested in other threads.

The nvidia driver I am using is video-hybrid-amd-nvidia-prime. I have tried using video-hybrid-amd-nvidia-470xx-prime as well. There were no noticeable changes.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

So I assume eDP-1 is connected to the amd gpu and the others are connected to the nvidia gpu. Correct? By default the outputs of the nvidia gpu are blocked. You need to start xorg with the nvidia driver and passthrough the screen to the amdgpu. It is called prime-reverse. A special xorg config is needed. Since you provide no complete system information, use your preferable search engine.

Hi! Thanks!

Yes, this is correct.

It seems, by default, I do not have it installed. The idea seems right though, I’ll look into it.

Thanks again, appreciate it!