Trouble restarting / shutting down

When I restart the system, this message appears on the screen and the system does not turn off
[ 102.534102] nv_tco: Unexpected close, not stopping watchdog!

Thank you for your help
The system does not shut down

First step, you can add nowatchdog to your kernel boot parameters. See here:

If that doesn’t work, check what watchdogs are used on your system:

lsmod | grep -e dog -e wdt

and then blacklist the modules in /etc/modeprobe.d/blacklist.conf (you can create this file if your installation doesn’t have a blacklist.conf file).

I’m sorry for the short answers, but I’m just about to leave the house. If this isn’t enough information for you to proceed, I will be back online in a few hours and can explain things better, or someone else will probably come along and help out sooner.

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I try

thank you


The system does not shut downk

Thank you for your help

My PC won’t shut/power off completely unless I manually press the

There are a lot of threads about shut-down issues already, you can participate there.

To shutdown immediately you can type shutdown now in a terminal.

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Thanks for the terminal method, tell me what code to use

shutdown now

This is what should work

However, you can use:

shutdown -h now

It halts the system before shutting down. This might work better

if you are in plasma, did you check out Settings > Power Manager in KDE Settings ? on how the power button should behave when pressed etc
if everything is fine then you can even use systemctl shutdown

Did you add the nowatchdog parameter to your grub?

Did you blacklist the appropriate kernel modules?