Trouble on choice keyboard language on boot iso

there is a trouble on choice keyboard langage ,
on boot iso USB manjaro
i choose fr_FR , but in Grub2 Mode with Ventoy , twice parameters appears on boot kernel command
no change seems to be applied ( checked after gui with inxi -Fza )

lang=en_US keytable=us tz=UTC ...
lang=fr_FR keytable=fr ....

i cant edit lines commands ( UEFI or Grub2) from iso USB

You always get two unless setting en_US, I set en_GB and get two. You can fix this after install in Manjaro Settings Manager Local Settings just delete en_US and apply fr_FR.

here the trouble , if i use iso USB live manjaro , i cant change Settings language ,
i tried with adding new layout keyboard with or without system , it stays in qwerty , even after i recreate a terminal.

You can’t do it on a live system the iso’s by default are read only.

i have 2 USB live iso

  1. one with dd , boot with and selected lang & keytable are ok , i can also modify grub2 (e) if possible , this can be done before booting USB kernel
  2. one with ventoy with UEFI > , lang & keytable are doubled , (e) is not possible in this case → in this version change language & keytable or modify boot kernel command is not possible