Trouble installing / uninstalling packages with Pamac

I don’t know if it is since this or the last update:
I prefere to use vanilla Gnome but with breeze cursor. So I deinstalled some of the manjaro packages (manjaro-gdm-branding, manjaro-gdm-theme and some other) since manjaro-gnome-vanilla works only for the gtk theme. Now i can’t using pamac anymore because if i want to install or deinstall any kind of package i got following message. I don’t know why pamac wants to deinstall these packages:
Bildschirmfoto vom 2021-04-06 20-36-34

Sorry, it was my own Fault. I switched from unstable to stable that caused the problems. :man_facepalming:

sudo pacman -Syuu


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Thank you. I konw that actually. Everything is clear now for me. I am going to stay on the unstable packages but on stable branch and wait until unstable is stabel bevore install or deinstall something.
I am already used to Gnome 40 :wink:

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