Trouble installing driver for RICOH SG3120SF

Dear all
I tried many times to install the driver of RICOH SG3120SF on my Manjaro XFCE but it did not work well.
I followed the instructions to install CUPS. I found the printer through the network in the printer setting menu. After that Manjaro recommends certain driver for me. However, that driver does not work correctly.
It just flashing the data led of the printer without printing any document.

Is there anyone have similar situation ?


Reading the Arch wiki, which is almost always a good source of information

CUPS/Printer-specific problems - ArchWiki

it says that there are two possible drivers - you’d need the one for color printers

It looks like you’d need to install this driver:

AUR (en) - openprinting-ppds-pxlcolor-ricoh

from AUR

Your (almost exact) model is at the bottom of the list:

Driver: pxlcolor-Ricoh | OpenPrinting - The Linux Foundation

This is the driver that the above AUR package will install.

Then you can use the cups web interface to configure your printer.