Trouble installing Discord-PTB Public Test build

I am having trouble installing Discord PTB (Public test build) on manjaro kde plasma.

the reason I’m trying to install Discord PTB because my mic is not working on the normal Discord app even though it’s working on my computer and browser. I read that people have fixed the issue by using Discord PTB instead.

I downloaded the Linux tar.gz file for Discord PTB here: Download Discord to Talk, Chat, and Hang Out.
There was no Readme file in the tar.gz file.

I tried extracting the tar.gz file to a new folder that I put in the Downloads folder and installing it using the following Snap commands:

sudo snap install discord-ptb
sudo snap connect discord-ptb:camera core:camera
sudo snap connect discord-ptb:mount-observe core:mount-observe
sudo snap connect discord-ptb:network-observe core:network-observe
sudo snap connect discord-ptb:process-control core:process-control
sudo snap connect discord-ptb:system-observe core:system-observe

I also tried the command: “sudo pacman -S discord-ptb” it says:
Error: target not found: discord-ptb

I also tried the command below and it still didn’t work:
sudo pacman -U discord-ptb-0.0.38.tar.gz

I tried it using: sudo pamac install discord-ptb and got the same error message

I am a beginner to Linux and any help I could get would be appreciated.

please use the search function

Use discord keyword as there is plenty topics describing possible solutions to install discord

It is likely you just have to unpack the tar archive in your home then run the binary from the folder unpacked.

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I’m still having trouble installing it, I extracted the discord-ptb-0.0.38.tar.gz to the home and tried all the commands listed above and still got errors. I also tried searching through the forum on how to fix my audio issue with regular Discord app and I couldn’t find any solutions after trying multiple solutions. Is there anyway you could walk me through how to install discord-ptb properly, I believe this might be the solution as my mic works fine on other apps/browsers?

Test builds are for troubleshooting - not day to day usage - I don’t use discord so I know nothing - cannot be of any assistance.

Can you close post please. I believe I fixed my issue

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