Trouble in installing second SSD

I have acquired a second SSD and I installed it onto my computer via SATA cable. It was not partitioned previously, so I decided to partition it in KDE Partition manager. It says “One Pending Operation” but it never loads. I am just trying to get some extra storage space for my data and applications. How do I configure the SSD into a usable second drive?

Have you clicked “Apply” ?

Yes. However, it still says that the disk is unallocated and I don’t know how to put data on the disk. Can I configure it to use as a second drive for storage?

1) You need to partition the new SSD first.
For a second drive it might be approbiate to just have one partition.
2) Then format it in the partition manager. I use mostly ext4, sometimes ntfs if I want to share data with a dual boot Windows system.
3) Then you have to add your newly formatted partition into the file /etc/fstab
Get an idea from the other entries there.
The partition manager and ls -l /dev/disk/by-uuid/ are your friends to find the correct name(s).
You are free with the mount point(s). I add additional storage under my /home directory since I want to keep it neat and I am the only user on my computer.
Add the mountpoint(s) as user 3rabbs (assuming you want the mountpoint(s) in your home directory) - not as root.

# mount -a to make the newly added partion available
and then df -h shows your success. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

You might need a chown -R 3rabbs /home/3rabbs/newmount if you can not access your newly added space.

I have created the partition map for the second SSD. I don’t see an option for creating a partition or formatting it in the KDE partition manager. Can it be done via the partition manager or is there a command to be done via the command line?

Wait I think I found it. I have created a partition on the SSD. How do I access it, i.e to use it as a storage device? When I try to copy over any file, it says “access denied, could not write to SSD”

If you formatted it in say, ext, then it is a journaled and permissioned filesystem.
(which is right and good and normal for linux … try to drop-copy-paste a file into /etc/ … you cant)
This is a longer topic, with other threads and answers and wiki information.
If you need help with that … probably start a new topic … but please do a basic search first.

This should help.

I went through the document and entered the commands in console

sudo mkdir -p /home/<username>


sudo chmod ugo+rwx /home/user

I entered

sudo chmod ugo+rwx $mount
mkdir $mount/secondarySSD

but it says "chmod: missing operand after ‘ugo+rwx’ and 'permission denied. ’

Your above post tells me that you have little understanding of what needs to happen before you can use your drive to store data.
The above document is giving examples - nothing can be just copy/pasted but needs to be understood and adapted to your personal situation and wishes.

  • first you partition the drive
    There are multiple tools to do it - KDE partition manager is just one of them.
    There is gparted as another graphical tool
    and then there are command line tools to do it:
    fdisk, cfdisk, gdisk ...

  • after you have partitioned the drive (it seems you did that by now)
    you need to put a filesystem on it

Only with a filesystem on it can the drive be used,
be “mounted” to some directory.

The KDE partition manager and gparted can do this too.
or you do it via command line:
mkfs.ext4 for example, to create an ext4 filesystem

Only then you can try to mount it somewhere - but please:
not to /home/user

Do you have a filesystem on the partitioned drive? Did you create one?

also, don’t do this:
sudo chmod ugo+rwx /home/user

It’ll mess up the permissions of that user account - everyone will be able to access it.

Just checking: you want to give <username> its own partition?

Did you intend to set the mount folder permission twice?

You did understand that <username> and $mount in the tutorials are to be replaced with actual values… right?

I have partitioned the drive to a ext4 partition. The computer definitely recognizes the partition; the output of lsblk is

sda      8:0    0 447.1G  0 disk 
├─sda1   8:1    0 447.1G  0 part /
sdb      8:16   0 447.1G  0 disk 
└─sdb1   8:17   0 447.1G  0 part 

wth sdb1 being listed as an ext4 in KDE Partition Manager. Is there a difference between partition type and partition filesystem?

I know KDE Partition Manger has an “Edit Mount Point” but I am unsure of what path to mount it to. I am the sole user of the computer, so I’m not worried about it being accessed by other users. I see that there is an option “edit mount point” in the KDE Partition manager but I don’t want to mess with it without fully understanding what this function does (I don’t want to f up my ssd.)

I can’t find any video references or walkthroughs on how to set up a second storage device for ssds, the only references to it I can find at all are on the manjaro forum. Sorry for inexperience.