Triple boot bootloader order

I have installed Manjaro, Ubuntu and Win11 in that order on my system.
Grub bootloader correctly shows all three OS, I can load into any of them so everything is working fine.
It’s just irking me to change the order of appearance in the menu, it is currently as follows:

(Manjaro advanced options)
(Ubuntu advanced options)

Is there any way I can edit /boot/grub/grub.cfg so that I can move Windows to a different location on the list? I am not comfortable using vi which is the only way I can open the file on KDE Plasma. I saw what I need to change in the file, I just do not know how to actually edit it as the file is locked.

I suspect it is because of alphabetical order in efi partition - Manjaro, Microsoft, Ubuntu
I tried efibootmgr --bootorder but still no effect

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I know which lines to shuffle around, I just do not know how to do that - I am hopeless at vi and Kate needs permissions to open the file.

you need always sudo-rights to edit the grub-config.
usually you can edit grub with

kate /etc/default/grub

and you’ll get asked for password if you wanna save/store it.
afterwards you need to run

sudo mkinitcpio -P
sudo update-grub

for taking effect of the changes

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if I edit


I do not get the option to choose the order the different OS appear in grub; I must manually edit


which cannot be done with Kate, no way to change the file permission too.


sudo kate /etc/default/grub

As I said, I can open


just fine, but the actual configuration of the order the OS appear is stored in


Grub.cfg is automatically generated and your changes will be overwritten on next update (next month as the kernel update comes).

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im using Manjaro LTS and even if it does overwrite it, I would just reapply the change,

for no reapply all week…
create a pacman hook as mkinitcpio ?
(model : /usr/share/libalpm/hooks/90-mkinitcpio-install.hook)

Type = Path
Operation = Install
Operation = Upgrade
Target = usr/lib/modules/*/vmlinuz
Target = usr/lib/initcpio/*
Target = usr/lib/firmware/*
Target = usr/src/*/dkms.conf

Description = Updating my grub...
When = PostTransaction
Exec = xxx/

“” edit grub entries with sed

more simple
We can also change order with /etc/grub.d/, create a 09_window

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