Trim and noatime on internal Emmc storage?


do I need to enable Trim and noatime on internal Emmc storage ?

Have you got advices for this kind of hardware under Manjaro and Linux ?



noatime should be used on the /tmp tmpfs
For the root you should use / ext4 rw,relatime,data=ordered 0 1 and enable periodic trim
Anyway, have seen people having different opinions on this. Maybe safer to consult wiki and take an informed decision

@bogdancovaciu: By default, noatime is set for the root partition in /etc/fstab file of Manjaro. Are you sure that relatime must be defined for root partition rather ‘noatime’ ?

Is Trim supported for EmmC ? I know Trim is supported for SSD but I don’t see anything for EmmC.


See some fstab details. For me, what i mentioned seems to be more reliable overall. You will see that defaults is more or less relatime , yet defaults,discard will do continuous trim, that personally i don’t think is ok, and noatime option fully disables writing file access times to the drive …

Ok, but why the Manjaro Team have defined noatime and not relatime by default in /etc/fstab ? When you make a new install of Manjaro, you can check, noatime is defined by default in /etc/fstab.

About the Trim option, I know that perodic choice is more suitable than daily choice. But what I really want to know is if the Trim is suitable for internal EMMC storage. EMMc storage is different than SSD

An install that is designated to multitude of hardware setups, will always provide defaults that work for all types of hard drives. Is not a bad thing, yet you can change to suit your particular needs, or leave it like that.

Let me quote some documentation:

So, you can ask the manufacturer what they recommend for it. Leave the fstab as is since you installed Manjaro and from time to time run:
sudo fstrim -v /
and avoid only the discard option, if you decide to change fstab …

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@bogdancovaciu: I have always heard that ‘noatime’ is the best choice to avoid writes to SSD or other type storage media as much as possible. Otherwise, regarding the trim, can I use the command: ‘systemctl enable fstrim.timer’ instead of ‘sudo fstrim -v /’ to permanently activate the trim ?

yes, to have the timer enabled you run the systemctl command and will run every 7 days.