Tried to use Protonvpn but getting a polkit error

im not sure fully what details you need

Basically im getting a polkit error when i try to run ProtonVPN
the error is

Admin access is needed to connect to VPN, Either enable polkit support from within the app or launch app from terminal.

I enable polkit support but it then asks for a password not via the app but via my own machine and does not accept the password

running in terminal is the same issue with polkit and password

logging into my vpn in windows/mobile with username and password is fine

Hi @shrooms :wink:

Did you follow this guide?

I would recommend using the normal NetworkManager for VPN.

I use protonvpn - if not daily - then very often.

There is - or has been - an issue with Network Manager.

When I switched my system to connman - the problem disappeared.

At the moment I am using static network (ethernet) setup on my workstation using netctl and systemd-networkd - this also works without hickups.

there are four connmans

which do you use?

I guess you are using the gui ?