Tried to enable systemd-boot, only got "UEFI setup utility"

I wanted to have systemd-boot to access my other operating systems easily however when i enable it with “bootctl install” and rebooted my pc i only got “UEFI setup utility” on my systemd-boot menu. Right now i can not access my system at all. For now i chrooted with an live usb but I don’t know what to do next.

Please see:

My brother in Stallman I can’t get past boot loader what kind of error message do you want from me?

All of them.

How did you switch from grub to systemd?

I think there was a bug in my installation because grub wasn’t there to begin with. Because nothing showed up in the first place. It just booted Manjaro.

Maybe GRUB had settings 'quiet" and “hidden”? Do you really want to attempt this?


Yeah i just checked it I think it was hidden however now I can not access it all even after changing hidden. Probably because I wrote systemd-boot over it.