Tray icons disappeared and dock won't open

After trying to switch to my nvidia card with optimus-manager-qt all the tray icons except for cluster of wifi, sound and battery disappeared. Neither Discord, optimus-manager-qt, the software update one or any of the other tray icons appear. The dock also moved from the left down to the center and won’t show itself when i move the mouse there, it only appears when going to the activities overview. Does anyone know how this could be fixed or where the problem lays?

Sounds like you extensions are disabled. Open the Extensions application and see.

This is what it looks like:

Considering how everything’s red, you might be right. Gonna try to enable stuff.

Seems like the dash to dock settings and the first one, too long to type, were what I was missing. Weird that they suddenly got disabled. Thank you so much for the help!
For anyone wondering I needed to reboot to get the dash to dock to work.

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