Tray icons aren't vertically center aligned

Hi all,

My tray icons look a bit maligned:

Screenshot from 2020-10-06 18-06-19

Screenshot from 2020-10-06 18-07-54

I think the Caffeine icon is the culprit. How can I choose an alternative pair of icons for Caffeine that have the same height for different states?

Also is there an option to make all system tray icons rendered in monochrome/grayscale?


Replacing Gnome Extension’s icon is hard.

I would search the extension’s source code and confirm it uses icon standard and loads icon from /usr/share/icons/....

and then copy them over ~/.local/share/icons/... and modify them there. Might work :slight_smile: but also might not depends how the extension is made.

There might be a pixel off


Have you tried disabling extensions one by one, see if that influences the way tray looks? Also, are you on Wayland or X11 ?

X11. A few of them are off by 1 pixel. The network icon has the same problem. When seen cannot be unseen! :man_facepalming: