TransportFever Missing Audio (Steam Game)

this is a fresh install of manjaro cinnamon. this game used to work in my xfce DE running on exact same hardware. its the only application with no audio. (other steam games work fine).
all other audio is fine.

starting this game from the command line i found this:

ALSA lib dlmisc.c:339:(snd_dlobj_cache_get0) Cannot open shared library (/usr/lib/ undefined symbol: ogg_stream_pageout_fill)
AL lib: (EE) ALCplaybackAlsa_open: Could not open playback device ‘default’: No such device or address

looks like my problem is bigger, i noticed that everytime i start steam, it updates. if i click the check for updates in the steam GUI, it always is trying to grab the same update, but its failing, as i see in the terminal output. tho in the GUI it just says, update and steam has to re-start, but when i do the same again, its always the same update its trying to get, and shows no error in the steam GUI. vicious circle.
so, ive tried re-install steam from the package-manager, doesnt work.
so does anyone know which folders to delete for a clean install of manjaro-steam? thanks

ok so i deleted .local/share/steam and removed manjaro-steam, my steam update is now seemingly working ok.
i still have no sound in this 1 game.
i made a new partition, installed the latest manjao xfce edition, installed steam,
installed this game and 1 other game, same effect, just the 1 game doesnt have sound lol
its funny that it used to work in a older manjaro xfce, that i kept updating. this is all on the same hardware. so i deleted the manjaro xfce, installed debian, followed the necessary steam and driver steps, and everything works perfect? i dont understand what has changed in either manjaro-steam? or ?
quite strange behavior.

Hm, i would thing you would have the package libsndfile installed, so the most reasonable conclusion would likely be that it is some kind of regression or bug. You could try to manually install the debian version of the library temporarily and change the link /usr/lib/ to point to the debian version. Alternatively you could also switch to the testing branch in debian to test it, since they more or less have the same version in that branch.
If the error disappears you might want to file a bug report with the developers of the game.

hi thanks for your response, i copied over from the debian partition, and re-linked to point to the debian version and this works. thanks for your help.

i did email Urban Games last week, not heard back yet, they have a website, but i cant sign up yet i dont think because they had a bot issue or something (temp no registrations), ill have to check that out again they have forums there.

so in my current manjaro the libsndfile version is 1.0.31 which is later than the debian version.
does this mean the original error i posted here, that function is no longer in that library, thats why its failing? thus the developers needs to make this change? thanks again.

Mind you this is not a permanent fix. But it’s good that we have established that it is some kind of regression.
You might want to try out libsndfile-git from the AUR to establish if the newer 1.0.33 version does not have any kind of fix included yet and file a report on github if so.

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