Transparency in openbox

I have been trying to figure out where to get rid of transparency of windows in openbox.
imgur com/BN9ZSgQ.png

Its also in some programs. It makes working with CAD software anoying and I don’t like to have to move windows around behind terminals and other darker surfaces that things come through.

Its a normal manjaro xfce install and iv switched to openbox later on to get a cleaner interface but now i get this transparency that I do not know where to find.

In the openbox configuration transparency it is not configured on any setting like it says in the manual so I do not know where it is coming from. I’m not sure what part is adding its black magic disappearing act.

Where should I be looking?

Thank you for your help.

Do you maybe have a compositor like picom (previously known as compton) running?

Openbox has no transparency.

I first thought you had installed the community version but then I realized - by reading closer that

I think this could be a qt transparency - locate Kvantum ManagerConfigure Active Theme.

On the tab Compositing & General Look → check the box Disable composite effectsSave and Quit.

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Thank you! That was it!


I changed some stuff in the tab “Compositing & General Look” and it now looks like i can 3D model without getting the desktop background involved.

Yes, picom is running its in the autostart.
Does that also add some transparency?

If I recall correct xfce window manager also provides compositing which makes picon obsolete -

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I might have too much starting up then that do the same thing.
If there is both xfce stuff going on in the same time.

cat .config/openbox/autostart

nitrogen --restore &
volumeicon &
tint2 &
picom &
setxkbmap dvorak se -option caps:backspace && xmodmap -e “clear Lock” &
blueman-applet &
clipman &

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