Transparence Titlebars has no longer the Blur effect

I have a problem with the newest Stable KDE Version, after the update the Blur Effect for (transparence) Titelbars no longer works, but it still visible when i look at the Taskbar or the Terminal.

Is there a workaround or something else i can do about it?

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There is.
I just looked at ‘Fluent-Round’ - I do use that plasma, but I use Material titlebars (set to opaque - but when transparent they also have no blur).

  1. Wait until the maintainer of your titlebar updates it
  2. Download a new one that works.

I recommend you install and take a look at klassy. There are good settings to make it work the way you like (including button shapes, colours, transparencies for active/inactive and MUCH more… It’s crazy)

pamac install klassy-git

Wow, it’s rather nice - just played with it for ten minutes myself. I like narrow titlebars - it’s nice to have a setting for reducing the padding, and have ‘red’ close button only on the active window - some great options there.

Adjustable ‘round corner radius’ - can do square or round.

And what about following colour schemes???

Im using WinConceptOS (around 14k users actually), when i click on “get New Window Decorations” and look at WinConceptOS i dont see any details about modification.

How do you know that the maintainer has to update theme for the titlebar?
Is it not possible, that it could also be a problem with KDE itself?

I just sorted them by ‘NEW’. I find that the ‘NEW’ ones work. The ‘OLD’ ones don’t.

You know the maintainer has to update the theme when it doesn’t work.
When it says under ‘code’ >2 years ago

Is it possible to update it for myself?

I have no idea, how to get contact with the maintainer.

It’s all there.

Note that store.kde isn’t well pruned or maintained. There are many obsolescent and abandoned projects there.

So what we do is
Leave a rating and comment that it’s broken with 5.25 - no more blur.
Maintainer should get notified and respond, otherwise they aren’t interested.

We can check activity for the maintainer

Then you go to the github page and do the same thing…
However, I would rate Klassic as a superior drop-in replacement, as you can actually modify it to match your style as well as the fact that it follows the colour scheme.

Depends really on your skills.
If you install a couple of WORKING themes, maybe you can compare the files and spot the differences and find out why one works and another doesn’t.

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