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Hello all,

I noticed the translation to my native language (Finnish) is quite bad, it’s technically grammatically correct but translated almost literally from English making it very cumbersome to read, almost as if it was translated by AI.

Is this the norm for other languages as well, or should or could I just re-translate the whole thing again but with actual human touch?

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If you could say what texts exactly then one can forward you to the place where the translation happens. Not everything is translated by Manjaro Team or Volunteers.

I’ll take the very first sentence on the installer as an example, it has many Anglicisms (literal translations which do not work in the native language).

Welcome to “Vulcan” Installer

Here the word “installer” is translated literally to “asentaja” which actually means mechanic/technician/fitter or other similar person of trade in Finnish. The proper word would be “asennusohjelma” (installer-program).

This program will ask you some questions and set up Manjaro Linux on your computer

Is translated too literally and leaves some things out.

“Some questions” should be just “questions” (Finnish does not use “some” in this context).

“Ask you” the “you” is left out from the translation, reads “this installer asks” not “will ask you”, leaving the user to wonder whom it asks the questions.

The translation says it asks questions regarding to Manjaro Linux, the original says it sets up Manjaro Linux.

The translation for some reason uses the word “järjestelmä” which means “system”, probably the translator meant “operating system” for which the correct word would be “käyttöjärjestelmä”, but the original text does not speak anything about operating system and there is not necessarily any need to refer to any operating system at all anyway, although it’s user-friendly way to refer to the software as “Manjaro Linux -operating system”.

“On your computer” is translated just “to a computer”, leaving the reader to wonder on which computer it will be installed.

All in all the whole sentence reads like it’s English written in Finnish. It should read:

“Tämä asennusohjelma kysyy sinulta kysymyksiä ja asentaa Manjaro Linux -käyttöjärjestelmän tietokoneeseesi.”
(For fun I gave this to Google Translate and it produced the correct result: “This installer will ask you some questions and install the Manjaro Linux operating system on your computer”)

Hopefully I am not nitpicking, I am just an engineer who deals a lot of this sort of stuff at work to make software usable for ordinary people.

Unfortunately the board refuses to embed files or links to my post so it’s difficult for me to pinpoint this issue any further.

Ok, that is calamares and the translated text is here:

Translation is done here: calamares localization | Transifex

If it is corrected upstream, then it will also corrected downstream in Manjaro in future releases.

Not at all. Improvements are welcome, but in this case the Manjaro team primarily has no influence on the translations delivered. Even I simply couldn’t verify it in many languages.

That is because of your Trust Level. Once you reach TL1, you will be allowed to do that. Just spend time on the forum. In the first place, it is spam prevention.

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