Translation plasmoid

Easy to use translation plasmoid (GUI for translate-shell package).
Reguired translate-shell package.

Note: To work properly after this update, you need to remove and re-add the widget to the panel / desktop.

Transfer limit: 5000 characters
TTS limit: 200 characters
Be sure that QtMultimedia is present on your system for TTS support.

Update to 0.7:
Now TTS does not require additional packages.
The TTS button is disabled for languages without audio capabilities.
There is a filter in the settings to search for languages.

If you want to suggest new features or corrections, write me an email

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Long awaited update of translator for Plasma 5.

New features:

Now you can translate selected text in any application (xsel package REQUIRED). To do this, in the widget settings, select the shortcut to activate and use it after selecting the text (it works only with the selected text).

The update function is also available from the settings (if a new version is available, you will receive a notification in the settings with a proposal to update or watch the changelog).

Added Russian interface localization.

If you want to suggest additions or corrections, or help with translating the widget into your language, write to me in a personal or

And don’t forget to rate the widget (requires an account at or!