Transferring the same config in a new machine

i want to install manjaro in a new pc… also i want to keep the same tweaks i made in this one to new one… like the same packages and gnome tweaks. is there a way to do that simply?

I am totally unsure if this’ll work, but theoretically it should:

  1. Copy the complete ~/.config directory to the new machine.
    This should keep all your customizations if , and only if, they weren’t made globally. For example, in /etc.

  2. Get a list of explicitly installed packages.

pamac list --explicitly-installed --quiet >> ~/installed_packages.list

This will give you a file containing a list of the packages installed on your current computer, ~/installed_packages.list. Copy that to the new computer somewhere, let’s say ~/installed_packages.list

  1. On the new computer, reinstall the packages.
pamac install $(cat ~/installed_packages.list)
  1. Copy the ~/.config directory you backed up into your home directory again:
cp -R /path/to/backup/of/.config ~/

Sit back, pray and (hopefully) profit.

DISCLAIMER: I haven’t done this yet myself and give no guarantees whatsoever. But it should work. So if it doesn’t, I take no responsibility. However, if it does, feel free to heap on the praise.

I made transfuse for KDE … but I would happily expand it to other DE’s if someone were to point out the relevant paths. Please see the current lines for an idea of what would be needed:


i’ll try this…
hope it works… :sweat_smile:

As long as you don’t delete anything from the source computer you’ve got, quite literally, nothing to lose.

it is working fine


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