Transfer settings, software etc. from one PC to another

Good evening, comrades. Please, tell me how can I transfer the manjaro-kde installed software, all the settings (from desktop visual effects to hot keys and so on), from one computer to another the easiest way?

I’m tired of constantly manually installing apps and changing the settings from scratch every time I install kde manjaro :frowning:

It’s not really possible.
You can do a timeshift backup to a mounted drive, and then mount that drive to the new system… That gives you the option to copy back your Dotfiles and configs. You can import files and folders , but you can’t really clone the system AFAIK to another hardware.

This means you can import all your settings and keyboard shortcuts, but you’ll have to install stuff yourself - e.g. install qbittorrent, import the old config folder making sure the disks/folders are all in place, then start up qbittorrent.


pacman -Qqe > pkglist.txt
Install new KDE and do `pacman -S - < pkglist.txt

This won’t work with some packages, so for ‘foreign’ packages…
sudo pacman -S $(comm -12 <(pacman -Slq | sort) <(sort pkglist.txt))

I’m not sure how well these commands would work using pamac or paru.

For me being a bit of a clutz, I’d go for the fresh install and take shortcuts with the setup TBH. If you haven’t already found this guide, I’d say for you too…

Certainly your DOT configs/home files will restore most stuff (like keyboard shortcuts, mouse gestures (I use easystroke, so just copy the .easystroke folder)…

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