Tracktion Waveform


I have a Question maybay someone know.
I am running the lastest “stable” Gnome Manjaro Version and wanted to install Tracktion Waveform.
First tried the Flatpak Version but this was not a good experience, really laggy.
So i decide check out the AUR version and this was a very snappy experience but in Settings menu and on every Dialog i can´t see any letter the dialog boxes are empty like u dont have a font installed is this the Problem mayby ?

Thanks in advice :slight_smile:


You might be running Wayland session. Switch to X11 and see if the interface looks normal.
By the way, we are not “officially” supporting subscription based software, even if is free.

Thanks for ur replay

I didn’t work switch from wayland to X11
But thanks for ur idea and your Time trying to help me :slight_smile: and i decided that audacity works for my need’s and i dont need waveform. By the way Tracktion waveform is a one time purchase not a subscription model but for every major update the customer must pay again :slight_smile: a soft kind of subscription

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