Trackpad gestures integration

Hi, currently, I am on Manjaro 21.0.4 KDE. I know there are some tools like touchegg and libinput-gestures for trackpad gestures, but they are not visually intuitive like the gestures on macOS. It would, therefore, be so great if the great Manjaro team could implement gestures integration on system level as the elementary OS team is doing for elementary OS 6.


Are you talking about those provided in apple devices ?
There is also for those very devices ā€¦ but you have to do some tweaking by yourself, no UI configuration from what i know. But probably KDE Plasma settings will have an entry in Imput Devices settings once the drive is installed and the system rebooted. I guess is using libinput
More about the driver use here
GitHub - p2rkw/xf86-input-mtrack: Xorg Multitouch Trackpad Driver

They do their own DE and set of applications/settings ā€¦ KDE Plasma is developed by KDE developers, hence would make more sense to do a feature request to them. Manjaro only provides the DE as is, with minor personalization.

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OK. Thanks a lot for the clarification. :grin:

Are you intending that this might be implemented in future?

The Touchpad settings is already present in KDE Plasma under Settings > Input Devices, but not sure how it works with devices like trackpad, but in principle, by using the libinput it should communicate once the proper driver is used/installed and goes trough the libinput events ā€¦

on may end fails to load, as iā€™m on desktop PC

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