Tracking future snapshots and release dates

I was wondering if there’s a place where we can see announcements on when a new stable snapshot is about to be released. I have Matray for snapshots that just released, but news there is posted on the same day: I’m curious if there’s a way to know when the next snapshot is scheduled to occur, so those who are curious can know "everything is going to be updated 3 days from now on DD-MM-YYYY, maybe even what package versions are planned and expected to make it in for important stuff.

If you’re curious, like me, keep an eye on the Testing Updates and Unstable Updates announcements. That’s the best I’ve found.


Thanks. Would be nice if Matray had a mode to tell you a week or more in advance when an update is scheduled, just to have an idea of when I can expect fixes and such. Can’t complain obviously just would be nice, for now those can do.

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